PhilSoc membership

The core benefits of PhilSoc membership include:
(a) subscription to PhilSoc's journal, the Transactions of the Philological Society;
(b) online access to the entire Transactions back catalogue, going back to 1854, via the Wiley delivery platform; to register for Phil Soc membership services from Wileyl, email;
(c) subscription to PhilSoc's monograph series, the Publications of the Philological Society;
(d) standing 20% discount on the list price of any title in the Wiley linguistics list.

Further, members receive a copy of PhilSoc papers, can buy items from the Publications back catalogue at a reduced price, and can attend, and introduce a friend to, PhilSoc meetings, as well as other specific events organised by the Society.

Finally, student associate members are eligible to apply for bursaries to cover the cost of: (a) giving a paper at a conference in the UK or overseas, or (b) carrying out fieldwork (of long or short duration) in the UK or overseas. Applications should be supported by a letter from the member's supervisor and should be addressed to the Society's Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Stephen Colvin (

Individuals can apply for PhilSoc membership by completing a membership application form, which can be downloaded from the panel on the right, and returning it to the Honorary Membership Secretary, whose name, postal address and email address are given at the bottom of the form.

The Society would be grateful if members would notify the Membership Secretary of any change to their name or postal address. It would also be appreciated if members who have not done so would provide the Membership Secretary with a current e-mail address and notify him of any change to it.

The annual subscription for Full Members is £10.00 (£20 from 1 January 2016), payable immediately upon application, and thereafter annually on 1 Jan. For Student Associate Members, a one-off five-year subscription of £10 (£20 from 1 January 2016) is available. Members should make their payments to the Honorary Treasurer.

Any member experiencing difficulty accessing TPhS online should contact Juliet Le Masurier (