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Articles in the forthcoming issue of the Transactions:

Eric Tobias Lander, ‘Old Norse as an NP Language with observations on the Common Norse and Northwest Germanic Runic inscriptions’; Morgan Macleod, ‘Synchronic variation in the Old English perfect’; Anna Tristram, ‘Diachronic change in verbal agreement patterns with la majorité’; Nicholas Zair, ‘The Future Perfect in Oscan and Umbrian, and the ō-perfect in South Picene’; Michiel de Vaan, ‘Reduplicated demonstratives in ancient Indo-European languages’; Ilya Yacubovich, ‘Reflexes of Indo-European “e-statives” in Old Indic’.

12 September 2014 Next meeting of PhilSoc

The next meeting of PhilSoc will take place on Friday 10 October 2014 at SOAS. Dr Cécile de Cat (University of Leeds), will speak on ‘Towards an Interface Approach to Root Phenomena’ (please note the change from the previously advertised title). The meeting will take place at 4.15 in Rooms T101 and T102, 22 Russell Square (not in SOAS main building but right next to it). Tea will be served from 3.45.

12 September 2014 The Martin Burr Fund

The Council of PhilSoc is pleased to announce that it has established the Martin Burr Fund as a result of a generous bequest from the estate of Mr Martin Burr. It is intended that the Fund will be used generally to provide small grants to support activities by members of PhilSoc who do not have an academic affiliation and do not have access to other sources of funding. For example, it may be used to support a Masters bursary for a mature student, or a member of the Society attending a PhilSoc meeting which is of particular interest to them. The PhilSoc welcomes proposals from members which should be directed to the Secretary.

9 June 2014 PhilSoc announces new Treasurer and new members of Council

The PhilSoc AGM held on 7 June 2014 saw a number of changes in PhilSoc personnel.

Dr Philip Durkin stepped down as Treasurer and is replaced by Dr Stephen Colvin. Prof. Frans Plank has also stepped down as an editor of the Transactions. They are both warmly thanked for all they have done for the Society.

Seven Council members stood down, namely, Dr Stephen Colvin (to become Treasurer), Prof. Martin Durrell, Prof. Andrew Linn, Dr Mary MacRobert, Dr Sandra Paoli, Dr Philomen Probert, and Prof. Maggie Tallerman. The President thanked the retiring members on behalf of Council and the Society for their service, and welcomed their replacements, namely, Prof. Peter Austin, Prof. Martin Durrell (re-elected), Prof. Bjarke Frellesvig, Dr Martin Orwin, Dr Philomen Probert (re-elected), Prof. Paul Rowlett, and Dr George Walkden.

9 February 2014 The Eighth RH Robins Prize of the Philological Society

The Philological Society is delighted to launch the eighth R. H. Robins student Prize for an article on a linguistic topic that falls within the area of the Society's interests as defined by present and past publications in the Transactions of the Philological Society (TPhS). For details, please see the Robins Prize page.

20 January 2014 New Members of the Transactions' Editorial Board

PhilSoc is pleased to announce that Gerrit Dimmendaal (Cologne), Johanna Nichols (Berkeley), Malcolm Ross (ANU) and K. G. Vijayakrishnan (Hyderabad) have joined Transactions' Editorial Board. They replace Michela Cennamo, Joseph Salmons, Frans Plank and Olga Fischer who are standing down, and will join the nine existing members acting as ambassadors for Transactions in their parts of the world, and thus further enhance the international profile of the journal.

3 January 2014 Masters Bursaries

PhilSoc Council is delighted to announce that this year's competition for Masters Bursaries is now open. It is intended to support individuals wishing to undertake study in linguistics/philology at Masters level in the academic year 2014-2015. Bursaries of £4000 are available. The application form, which contains details of terms and conditions, the application process and deadlines, is available in doc and rtf formats by clicking on the relevant link.

3 January 2013 China and the West: cross-linguistic perspectives: Second Call for Papers

This conference will be held in Beijing, China on the 12th and 13th of April 2014. Sponsored by the Philological Society of the UK and hosted by the Institute of Linguistics in conjunction with National Research Centre of Overseas Sinology, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the conference aims at bridging communication gaps between language scholars from different traditions in China and the West. Click here for the Second Call for Papers.

12 November 2013 Secretary for Student Associates

The PhilSoc is pleased to announce that at its most recent meeting of Council Seth Mehl (UCL) was appointed Secretary for Student Associates as an ex-officio member of the Council of the PhilSoc. (The Society currently has over 170 student associate members.) The main elements of the post are to work in collaboration with the other officers of the Society: to give a voice to student associate members; to help develop postgraduate activities;  to develop the use of social media to advertise and broaden the range of PhilSoc activities. The Secretary for Student Associates can be contacted on studentassoc@philsoc.org.uk.


20 Sept 2013 PhilSoc Masters Bursaries 2013-14

PhilSoc Council is delighted to announce that the PhilSoc Masters Bursaries for the academic year 2013-14 have been awarded to Emily Hillison (York), Yin Yin Lu (Oxford, formerly Columbia), and Laura Percival (Cambridge, formerly Manchester). Details of next year's competition will appear on the website in due course.

19 July 2013 Vivien Law Prize

Student members of the Society may be interested in the Vivien Law Prize established by the Henry Sweet Society for the best essay submitted on any topic within the history of linguistics. The deadline for the next competition is 30 September 2013. Click here for details.

8 June 2013 PhilSoc announces a change in President and new members of Council

The PhilSoc AGM held on 8 June 2013 saw a number of changes in PhilSoc personnel. Prof Sylvia Adamson stepped down as President and Prof Wendy Ayres-Bennett was elected to succeed her. On behalf of the Society Prof Nigel Vincent thanked Prof Adamson for her service.

Three Council members stood down, namely, Prof Mary Dalrymple, Dr Patrick Honeybone and Prof Anthony Warner, and Dr Kathryn Allan stepped down as Membership Secretary. The President thanked the retiring members on behalf of Council and the Society for their service, and welcomed their replacements, namely, Dr Cécile de Cat, Prof Klaus Fischer, Dr Nicola McLelland and Dr John Penney, and the new Membership Secretary, Dr Richard Ashdowne.

Prof Paul Rowlett stepped down as Editor of the Transactions and is replaced by Dr James Clackson and Prof Frans Plank. He is warmly thanked for all he has done for the Transactions.